Hamza Coskun and his family have been in the restaurant business for a very long time, having 3 past businesses each with their own unique style.

Topkapi Turkish Kebab House was their first business which was established in 1991 and was up and running until 2007 when it was sold and the family had a well deserved holiday.

The Tea Room and Persian Kitchen was their second business which opened to the public in 2009, sadly the earthquake of September 4th 2011 hit and destroyed the front of the building which lead to the closure of the business.

The Coskun family thought that was going to be it for them until September 4th 2013 when they decided to open The Persian Kitchen to pay homage to the old businesses.

Hamza has been a chef since he was 16 years old and has his own unique style to cooking, he makes his own recipes come to life in the Persian kitchen ranging from dips, entrees, meals and desserts. It will be very worth your while to come and visit the Persian Kitchen.